Power of the Purse

Virtual Holiday Shopping Event & Purse Raffle 

 November 20, 2020


The longstanding and sought after annual event and purse raffle returns in this unprecedented year – virtually!

Over 20 designer purses were raffled during the event. 

How To Shop and Participate in the Purse Raffle from the Comfort of Your Home

One: Register online (remember registration is free) and get ready to purchase your virtual purse raffle tickets. Preview each purse as well as local Nevada vendors.

Two: Host a view party in the comfort of your home and following safe COVID-guidelines in place. You’ll be able to stream the event from your computer, phone, or smart TV while enjoying an evening with your friends, near and far. Since we are virtual anyone world-wide can join in the fun!

Three(optional):  Start a fundraising team. You’ll be helping to raise funds while shopping. This is a great option for businesses and large groups. Contact the Nevada Women’s Fund office for details, 775-786-2335 or [email protected].

How do the fundraising team’s work?

Generate friendly competition, hold teams and members accountable, boost participation, increase personalization, and so much more.

Every member gets their own page and trackable link

-Donors can “credit” members with donations by visiting their link or clicking their picture on the page

-Team member links (pages) can be customized with a personal Story and fundraising goal 

How do I join a Team?


How do I personalize my profile after I sign up?