Empowering Achievement

Nevada Women’s Fund is dedicated to Empowering Women to Achievement through education and career advancement opportunities, uplifting their families, and ultimately strengthening the very fabric of our community.

We believe that education is the cornerstone of empowerment. With the support of corporate and community donors, NWF provides scholarships to deserving women, unlocking their potential and offering them the opportunity to complete their education.

Fatema Azmee is a 2023 Nevada Women’s Fund Scholarship recipient and is pursuing her Master of Arts in History at UNR. Fatema has grown up in Nevada her entire life starting as a Winnemucca Wolf, to a Billinghurst Bighorn, to a McQueen Lancer, and finally, a member of the UNR Wolfpack! She is heavily involved with the campus community as the Vice President of Internal Affairs of the GSA of UNR and has been a teaching assistant for two years. Fatema aspires to become a professor that inspires students.